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For many college students, the end of a semester means the end of a lease contract. If your student is switching apartments, or starting college in the spring, ensuring he or she has adequate renter’s coverage is just as important as attending class. READ MORE >>

Business insurance may seem unnecessary to the entrepreneur chasing a dream, but without it, those dreams may translate into disaster. Scenario #1 John opened a bakery last year and wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to make and deliver his famous Italian breads to loyal customers. READ MORE >>

Insurance coverage varies by a number of factors. One important factor is location. Kentucky home insurance is unique and includes coverage for a wide range of perils, but it doesn’t protect against everything. In addition, prices for different coverage can range greatly depending on the area you live. READ MORE >>

If you’re still looking for a last minute gift idea for that difficult person on your list, consider something a little bit different this year. For whoever you’re shopping for, consider a gift that will really keep on giving throughout the year. For the Teenager: READ MORE >>

Imagine for a moment that you have to replace everything in your home. Look at every pieces of furniture, every article of clothing, every pair of shoes, every plate, cup, chair, picture frame, and every electronic, computer accessory, or gadget you own. Starting from complete scratch is overwhelming. READ MORE >>

You may not realize how valuable renter’s insurance is, until you find everything you own destroyed. Many landlords require tenants to carry rental insurance to protect themselves. While this may seem like an added unnecessary expense, or a superfluous insurance policy, you may be surprised at exactly what your renter’s insurance policy covers. READ MORE >>

Insurance rates are always a calculation of assumed risk. Regardless of whether it is homeowners, auto, life, or business coverage, your rates are always a result of your calculated risk level. For example, if you have a history of car accidents and several speeding tickets, those add up to assume that you are a high-risk driver. READ MORE >>

The life insurance exam is a simple process which helps to establish your risk factors, and therefore, your insurance rates. A life insurance exam is not a pass or fail test. In fact, it is very similar to a routine physical. READ MORE >>

From a cozy cabin deep in the woods to a beach cottage in North Carolina, a vacation home is designed to be a place to relax, rejuvenate, and get away. Vacation homes often provide family memories for several generations. READ MORE >>

Just like car drivers, bikers need to have adequate insurance coverage before they head out onto the road. Motorcycle policies have nearly the same options as auto insurance, and selecting the right coverage for you, your bike, and your area can be a daunting task. READ MORE >>

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