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Finding cheap auto insurance is a priority for most families in America. Fortunately, it is not as hard as you think. A few simple tips can help families to stay safe, and start saving more money each month. You probably do it with your telephone/internet and cable company, so why not bundle with insurance. READ MORE >>

Filing a life insurance claim can be an emotional and upsetting process. For those faced with filing a claim, they are also faced with the loss of a loved one. In the midst of funeral arrangements, burial expenses, and grief, the last thing that mourners want is a lot of paperwork. READ MORE >>

It seems that every small business has one guy that makes everything happen. He is the employee of the month, every month. He is the one who is the first one in, the last one out, the man who can seal any deal, solve any problem and has the right contacts to make things happen. READ MORE >>

When hurricanes, wildfires, winter storms, or floods fill the evening news, it is a crucial time to review your homeowners insurance policy. After disaster strikes isn't the time to wonder if you have enough coverage. Regardless of the type of home you have, or the area you live in, there is always the chance of a natural disaster destroying your home. READ MORE >>

Holiday lights, jingle bells, holly berries, and tinsel on trees are just a few of the signs of the Christmas season. Decorating homes and businesses is one of the most common ways that we all enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately, these same decorations are a major cause of fires during the holidays. READ MORE >>

The holidays are a time for families to gather together over a good meal. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving feast or a Christmas dinner, consumers are using their home appliances more than ever this time of year. Unfortunately, with the increase use of kitchen stoves, heating appliances and the flammable nature of holiday decor, the risk of fire also rises. READ MORE >>

Business insurance is one of the most important aspects of starting a company. Every small business owner needs insurance, but not all business insurance is created equal. While every business owner carries some type of liability, every business is different and with every business comes some degree of risk. READ MORE >>

Despite losing the presidential election, Mitt Romney can still be proud of the affordable car insurance rates in his home state of of Massachusetts. As of 2011, Massachusetts held first place for the most affordable state when it comes to auto insurance. InsWeb ranked all fifty states and Washington D. READ MORE >>

For many, Thanksgiving means three things: family, pumpkin pie, and a deep fried turkey. The growing Thanksgiving trend of preparing deep fried turkey is expanding far beyond the South into homes across the country. A deep fried turkey may provide a taste that is unmatched to traditional turkey methods, but the actual frying can be extremely dangerous. READ MORE >>

Across the country, cities, states, and local municipalities are responsible for the upkeep of their roads. With state budgets tightening, it can be difficult for states to determine whether or not to spend precious dollars repairing their roads or put the money elsewhere. READ MORE >>

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