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Insurance policies are designed to protect consumers from devastating loss. The idea with auto, health, home, and life insurance is to pay a little bit now to avoid paying a lot later. For some policies, the opposite is true and many consumers may find themselves paying a lot now for very little in return. READ MORE >>

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010 there was an alcohol-related traffic fatality in the United States every 51 minutes. Driving under the influence of alcohol can have serious consequences and penalties, not to mention the added risk of injuring yourself and others. READ MORE >>

Many consumers don’t understand the benefits that come with the insurance policies they already own. Oftentimes, an individual or family will look for identity theft coverage when it is already included in their homeowners policy, or they may purchase additional rental car insurance when it might be included in their current auto policy. READ MORE >>

Getting any type of insurance is confusing as it is, let alone understanding the deductibles that are written along with it. However, if you are to fully take advantage of your insurance coverage premiums, it is imperative to know what deductibles are. READ MORE >>

When you review your home owner’s insurance policy, chances are the coverage for personal belongings often tops over $100,000. This seems to be plenty, right? Think again. Is Your Homeowners Insurance Enough? What many homeowner’s don’t realize is that $100,000 is limited on what it can be used for. READ MORE >>

When it comes to autographs, coin collection, comic books and taxidermy, homeowners insurance might not be enough. Collectibles Insurance has been around for decades offering additional policies to collectors or holders of valuable memorabilia. READ MORE >>

Going green on the road may help reduce auto insurance costs, building and maintaining a green home can decrease homeowners insurance and now maintaining green habits can help with business owners insurance. Insurers have been increasing incentives for business owners who choose to go "green" or adopt more eco-friendly business practices and infrastructure. READ MORE >>

From energy efficient windows to energy star appliances and solar panels, homeowners are looking for ways to decrease their bills and increase the efficiency of their homes. Going green in your home can help your pocketbook, your insurance rates, and your carbon footprint and might be easier than you think. READ MORE >>

A recent survey for Tork, a maker of hygiene products found that 82 percent of consumers pay attention when companies show an eco-friendly initiative, and 80 percent of them are more likely to purchase products and services from a company who meets green standards or certifications. READ MORE >>

Going green seems to be the trend these days. To some, it is filling up a recycling bin. To others, it is using both sides of the paper, or going with paperless billing. Still others focus on alternative energy or saving gas mileage. For those who are looking to cut their auto insurance bills, going green might mean keeping a little extra green in the wallet too. READ MORE >>

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