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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: 1_2012

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Understanding insurance can be a bit of a minefield, but finding the right agent can help you safely navigate through the complicated world of insurance and ensure that you get the best deal. The key decision comes down to choosing the best insurance agent who can provide you with the services you need. READ MORE >>

It’s an exciting day when you make a new watercraft purchase and, while you may be dreaming of sailing the open seas, racing in next weekend’s regatta or bass fishing with your buddies, what you really need to think about is obtaining proper insurance to protect your new investment from an unexpected mishap. READ MORE >>

Your home is most likely one of the biggest users of energy in your life. Day in and day out, your home is using energy to keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, heat your meals and cool your milk. It uses energy to keep your lights on, your water hot and your clothes clean. READ MORE >>

To most people, a family pet is a part of the family just as much as any other member. Pet owners today go to great lengths to be sure their pets are cared for, dressed well and treated like royalty. Toy dogs are the new must-have accessory and these little puffs of fluff don’t come cheap. READ MORE >>

Walk onto a new car lot today and you might be surprised to find that the average suggested retail price for a vehicle is nearly $30,000. That’s a lot to swallow and is difficult for many buyers to afford. But there are things you can do to save yourself money when purchasing a new vehicle. READ MORE >>

Many insurance agents will tell you that the right type of life insurance can be described up in a single word: term.   However, it is important to understand the differences of the options available to you before you make your decisions. READ MORE >>

Every 16-year old wants one thing: a car. But all parents want to do everything they can to make sure their kids are safe while they are on the road. While most parents might prefer their children to remain in the passenger seat, that simply isn’t going to happen forever.   READ MORE >>

Umbrella policies are one of the most valuable parts of your insurance plan, but what is it and how can you determine if you need one? Many people carry an umbrella policy without fully understanding the benefits and effects of their policy. In general, the more you have the more protection you need. READ MORE >>

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