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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: 3_2012

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Before getting on your motorcycle and taking it out on the highway, you need to make sure you have the right motorcycle insurance. Almost every state requires that motorcyclists have motorcycle insurance; this even includes Kentucky. The first step to finding the right motorcycle is to decide on the types of coverage you want in your motorcycle insurance policy. READ MORE >>

In addition to the latest stereo system, Bluetooth integration, GPS navigation and a DVD for the kids, consumers want to know that the vehicle they’re driving down the highway is safe. According to Consumer Reports, 65% of consumers rate safety among their top three priorities when considering a car. READ MORE >>

Approximately 1/3 of Americans are currently renting the homes they live in. Renting is appealing to students, young adults or those who don’t intend to stay in one place for very long. Some people prefer to rent if they can’t afford the down payment for a home or they may not qualify for a home mortgage. READ MORE >>

Insurance fraud is out on a rampage. That can be partially blamed on the ever-increasing demand for insurance premiums nowadays. But since pointing fingers doesn't really help anybody, what we should focus on is how you can avoid getting caught working with fraudulent insurance providers. READ MORE >>

For most, insurance is a lifeline. It is the assurance we carry around with us that if a tragedy occurs, we have a safety net. But is it possible to purchase a safety net that is too big? Nobody wants to pay for something they don’t need, so how do you determine how much is enough? READ MORE >>

It's a historical fact that motorcycle helmets save lives. Yet, so many people ignore this. Too many bikers ride without wearing a helmet, not realizing the enormous risks that they are taking. In addition to protecting the rider, helmets add up to the overall driving safety, a score that is very important to insurance companies. READ MORE >>

With spring break just days away, many families, students and couples across the country are searching for someplace warm and sunny to spend a few days away from home. Travel insurance and medical insurance are two items most people may not pay attention to when making their packing list, but they should not be left behind. READ MORE >>

It's hard to even remember the times before there was an Internet. It was a struggle, a great frustration, for people to even think about starting their own business before the web ever existed. Everything was turned upside down for small-time entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners when the online business industry finally flourished. READ MORE >>

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