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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: 8_2011

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In terms of location, you probably have your own reasons for choosing to find apartments for rent in a specific city or town in Kentucky. Factors like location are something that’s easy to research, but if it’s the apartment itself in question then you should definitely take the time to visit the site and ask your prospective landlord the questions listed below. READ MORE >>

When shopping for auto insurance, the first important thing to remember is that the lowest or even the highest rates don’t always mean they’re the most suitable insurance policy for your car. Take the time to understand how auto insurance policies differ and find out exactly what type of protection your car is in need of. READ MORE >>

Every year most Americans go to the dentist and pay their taxes. However, most Americans do not take the time once a year to evaluate and adjust their car insurance policy. The policy you purchased three, five or even ten years ago is most likely not the same policy you need today. READ MORE >>

Whether you are just returning from a sunny, tropical paradise or from Grandma’s cozy kitchen, the last thing you want to find when you come home is that you have been a victim of burglary. But that is what happens to someone in the United States every 14.6 seconds. READ MORE >>

Choosing a suitable insurance company has become less time-consuming as you can now simply go online and browse several company websites to compare services in the comfort of your own home. Being able to shop for insurance online has also made getting insurance quotes both easy and fast. READ MORE >>

For many, life insurance is a love-hate relationship. Some individuals love the peace of mind they have knowing their family is taken care of if anything should happen to them. Others hate even thinking about the inevitability of death and turn their cheek to the issue entirely.   READ MORE >>

Driving at night is significantly more dangerous and although there are generally less cars on the road at night, traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day, according to the National Safety Council. Yet many of us make no changes to our driving when the sun goes down. READ MORE >>

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly substance that can kill a person in a few minutes. Carbon monoxide is produced by burning fuel. Carbon monoxide poisoning can become a domestic hazard with appliances that burn gas, oil, kerosene, charcoal, and other similar fuels. Carbon monoxide can also be produced by a car's engine. READ MORE >>

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