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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: business owners insurance

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Getting the best price on insurance is crucial to maintaining the balance between budget and coverage. To get the most coverage at a reasonable price, consider these simple ABC's (and D) of insurance discounts. These simple steps can be used for any insurance policy to save more than 20 percent off your annual premium. READ MORE >>

Business insurance may seem unnecessary to the entrepreneur chasing a dream, but without it, those dreams may translate into disaster. Scenario #1 John opened a bakery last year and wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to make and deliver his famous Italian breads to loyal customers. READ MORE >>

If you’re still looking for a last minute gift idea for that difficult person on your list, consider something a little bit different this year. For whoever you’re shopping for, consider a gift that will really keep on giving throughout the year. For the Teenager: READ MORE >>

Insurance rates are always a calculation of assumed risk. Regardless of whether it is homeowners, auto, life, or business coverage, your rates are always a result of your calculated risk level. For example, if you have a history of car accidents and several speeding tickets, those add up to assume that you are a high-risk driver. READ MORE >>

Regardless of what type of business you are in, there is necessary insurance coverage to protect your assets. Running your own business is an inherent risk, and having adequate insurance coverage is one way to protect your investment against theft, fire, natural disasters, and other tragedies. READ MORE >>

We all hope that we’ll never have to use our insurance policies. We carry homeowners, auto, and medical insurance to protect against disaster, but we hope that disaster never comes. When the unthinkable happens, having insurance is the silver lining that makes things right again. READ MORE >>

What is required to make your business run? What would happen if all of the computers were removed from your office? Could you continue to work? What if all of your vehicles broke down? Your inventory wiped out. Your equipment gone. Every business has crucial equipment and inventory that makes their company run. READ MORE >>

Whether you own a small business, or you are a budding entrepreneur, it’s important to understand all of your options when it comes to small business insurance. There are several types of small business insure which includes all the basics from liability to property damage. READ MORE >>

Business insurance is one of the most important aspects of starting a company. Every small business owner needs insurance, but not all business insurance is created equal. While every business owner carries some type of liability, every business is different and with every business comes some degree of risk. READ MORE >>

Going green on the road may help reduce auto insurance costs, building and maintaining a green home can decrease homeowners insurance and now maintaining green habits can help with business owners insurance. Insurers have been increasing incentives for business owners who choose to go "green" or adopt more eco-friendly business practices and infrastructure. READ MORE >>

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