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We all hope that we’ll never have to use our insurance policies. We carry homeowners, auto, and medical insurance to protect against disaster, but we hope that disaster never comes. When the unthinkable happens, having insurance is the silver lining that makes things right again. READ MORE >>

If you were to ask three of your closest friends what your car is worth, they would probably come up with a lower number than you might think. If you ask an insurance company what your car insurance is worth, you may very well be insulted at their answer. READ MORE >>

Nothing is worse than hearing the screech of tires, feeling the rush of adrenalin followed by the bang and crash of a collision. Of course then you pull off on the side of the road, assess the damage and begin to wonder, “What’s this going to cost me? READ MORE >>

Filing a life insurance claim can be an emotional and upsetting process. For those faced with filing a claim, they are also faced with the loss of a loved one. In the midst of funeral arrangements, burial expenses, and grief, the last thing that mourners want is a lot of paperwork. READ MORE >>

When a storm blows through and rips apart your home, the only thing you’re focused on is repairing the damage and getting life back to normal. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who prey on this mentality and may be heading to your area. READ MORE >>

Car insurance is your protection against accidents and you should not hesitate to use it when the need arises. Some people shy away from filing a claim because they fear this would increase their premiums. However, with the right knowledge, your car insurance can save you from covering the costs of damages sustained by your car during an accident. READ MORE >>

If you thought that hunting for the perfect home in Kentucky was difficult, then you may be surprised at how difficult shopping for home insurance can be as well. Many first-time buyers end up buying either something more or less than what they need, but you can easily avoid such rookie mistakes with the tips below. READ MORE >>

Every year, a great number of home insurance claims related to water damage are rejected. If you are having trouble understanding to what extent your insurance covers water damage, this is a good guideline: most of the time the damage caused to the home by the actual water is insured by most policies. READ MORE >>

Chances are that you only use your boat in the boating season, usually when the warmer temperatures arrive. Many boat owners may consider only getting boat insurance during the boating season. After all, chances are that you just use your boat on weekends a few months per year. READ MORE >>

Nobody is immune to a cracked windshield. Whether it’s from a gravel road, cold weather, or a pebble thrown your way, a cracked windshield is a common vehicle nuisance. When you hear the crack, taking appropriate action to repair your windshield quickly may save you money in the long run. READ MORE >>

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