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We are all glued to our television sets when tornadoes rip through Mississippi, or hurricanes plow over Florida. We cannot take our eyes off earthquakes in California, or mudslides in Washington, but what happens when the disaster is not just on television, but in our own backyard. READ MORE >>

Although it's only February, this year has already been a record setting year for temperatures in the East. Much of the country has experienced temperatures well below normal, periods of freezing rain, mountains of snow and Mother Nature continues to bring harsh conditions to nearly every state. READ MORE >>

From a cozy cabin deep in the woods to a beach cottage in North Carolina, a vacation home is designed to be a place to relax, rejuvenate, and get away. Vacation homes often provide family memories for several generations. READ MORE >>

Too often the news reports a home that has been reduced to rubble or flames that have destroyed countless possessions. Home fires are one of the most devastating losses to a family because there are so many memories, heirlooms, possessions, and other irreplaceable belongings. READ MORE >>

Lightning is one of the oldest forms of destruction in the earth’s history. Over time, lightning has carried several myths regarding its form and purpose. The Romans believed that the king of the gods used lightning to punish wrongdoers and change the outcome of wars. READ MORE >>

When devastation is aired on every television screen in America, it’s easy to remember the importance of being prepared. When a tornado rips through a neighborhood like those in Oklahoma, it’s worth stopping to reexamine our own resources, strategies. READ MORE >>

Fires are a very real threat to homes across the country. They account for $7 billion in property damage in the U.S. each year. From Christmas trees to old furnaces and cooking accidents, fires can happen for a variety of reasons. No one is immune from the risks of house fires, and it’s important to keep your home protected, through fire insurance. READ MORE >>

“Honey, I think we should get started on putting in the pool this year.” “I know; it would be so much fun this summer, great for the kids, parties with the neighbors and relaxing at the end of a busy day. But I don’t want to have to get a special pool insurance policy and have to pay higher premiums. READ MORE >>

There’s an incredibly vast amount of misinformation about tornadoes out there. While most myths have already been debunked long ago, several still spread as if they were true. Several casualties could have been prevented, were it not for this irresponsible practice. READ MORE >>

Hail can happen anywhere; it is not specific to coastal areas, mountain regions, or the high plains. Any area that experiences thunderstorms can experience hail. When it comes, hail can vary in size from soft pea-size balls to ice chunks the size of a golf ball. READ MORE >>

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