What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance—a powerful shield against life's unexpected twists and turns. It is an additional layer of liability coverage that goes above and beyond your standard insurance policies, which covers a lot of assets or very expensive assets. When your existing coverage limit is exhausted, umbrella insurance policy steps in as a solution to protect your assets, savings, and future earnings. Whether it's a major lawsuit, an accident on your property, or a liability claim against you, it provides the peace of mind and financial security you need. With its broad coverage and affordable premiums, it ensures that you are well-prepared for the rainy days of your life.

How does an umbrella insurance policy work?

It works in several ways. Some of them are –

  • Broad protection – It works as a safety net that provides extra coverage beyond the limits of your existing policies. Broad protection covers the amount when your primary insurance like homeowner’s or auto insurance, is exhausted. It protects you in cases of legal expenses or even some personal injury situations.
  • Comprehensive Liability Coverage – Umbrella insurance isn’t just limited to covering a single type of liability but a diverse set of protection. Whether it is libel, slander, or certain lawsuits, umbrella insurance is the answer to handle such liabilities and get the necessary financial protection.  

What does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

It covers

  • Liability incidents like bodily injury, property damage, slander, libel, and some lawsuits.
  • Additional liability coverage exceeding the limit of your primary insurance policies, such as auto or homeowners insurance.

Umbrella insurance in Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout the United States

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It only takes one accident to potentially bankrupt yourself

It only takes one accident to potentially bankrupt yourself

If you don’t have enough coverage, and in a world where medical expenses are sky rocketing, it only make sense to think about purchasing Umbrella insurance.

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Keep in mind that most insurance carriers require that you have at least your auto insurance policy with them in order to qualify for their umbrella.

Stand alone umbrella policies are available also for special situations.

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